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Our most anticipated program of the year!

Join us at our 4th annual Advancing Horsemanship Workshop at Williams Equine Enterprises in Lakeport, California.

Specifically designed & tailored for riders that have ridden with us previously in workshops, clinics and/or lessons and are ready to harness the skills to take their riding to the next level we offer 4 concentrated days of advance horsemanship.

To ensure you and your horse continue to make progress towards your personal goals this Mastery Program is Limited to 6 riders only - first come, first serve.
Come with questions and be ready to absorb a great deal of information specific to your situation with your horse.

No fluff, no hype, no gimmicks or games.

Honest Horsemanship that can help all horses and riders improve their rides.
To get the most out of this workshop, we suggest horse and rider team participate all four day's -
However we understand not everyone's schedules allow for a 4 day event, partial workshop available on wait-list status.

This Mastery Program is Limited to 6 riders only - first come, first serve.


Registration closes on October 1st AT NOON PST.
Please register early to secure your spot.

Arrive and get settled.
Tuesday, October 4th OR Wednesday, October 5th

Start Date: Thursday, October 6th, 2015
End Date: Monday, October 9th, 2015

Each day starts at 9:30am and ends roughly 3:30pm