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For the last several years Angie & Nancy have taught side-by-side at Expo's, Cowboy Dressage™ & Western Dressage Clinics.

Both are second generation horsemen and grew up riding, training and showing horses.

They met while earning their Masters in Resistance Free™ Horsemanship, each graduating with honors.

Both are uniquely skilled having taught a wide variety of horses and riders.

They are carded judges in multiple breeds and disciplines, each judging up to 30 shows annually.

What makes them special is their passion for teaching horses and riders to be partners using time-tested techniques.

Events are tailored to each rider and horse’s needs and abilities.

No gimmicks or hype, just honesty, kindness and understanding to help you and your horse become great, one stride at a time.

Come learn from these two ladies in a relaxing and fun 2-day clinic.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, you will develop more confidence & balance while keeping your horse happy as you achieve your personal goals.

Join the growing number of riders who continue to return year after year to further their education with these extraordinary talented ladies.

*Pre-registration is required.

Event Details

June 18-19

June 17th, 2015 (OPTIONAL)
Arrive and get settled.
Start Date: Saturday, June 18th 2015
End Date: Sunday, June 19th 2015

Each day starts at 9:30am and ends roughly 3:30pm

REGISTRATION for riders closes on September 16th AT NOON PST.
Please, register early to secure your rider space.

Limited to 8 riders

Dry Camping & pens available please refer to registration form below.
Bleacher seating


ShoreLine Riders Inc.
30601 Turner Road
Fort Bragg, CA 95437


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From the time you arrive at one of our events we will be working to help you and your horse to improve your relationship. We have many tools in our toolbelt from training techniques and experiences across multiple disciplines and a variety of breeds. Together we will work toward finding a common ground for horse and rider teams.

Limited Rider Space

To start we limited rider space. We believe that the best learning situations are calm, quiet and intimate settings. We try to book facilities that are easy to get to and quiet, of little outside distractions is ideal but not always possible. Your safety and comfort is our priority, while you reach a deeper level of communication with your horse.
Our limited rider space enables us provide riders with plenty of hands-on attention. This personalization is imperative for riders of today.

Creating a solid foundation

Starting at the core, we dive in and fine tune your riding position to keep you secure in the seat and confident with your legs, and back. Our positioning techniques are simple and effective at assisting you in finding your center and helping you maintain your balance. We are confident that once you start to see the benefits in our positioning techniques from the ground up that you will be able to incorporate them into your daily routine and recreate the best functional riding position for your specific needs. Our classical equitation style is a functional position that allows you to successfully switch from opening gates out on the trail, to flying lead changes in your patterns or even chasing after a cow. Your position should provide you with confidence in the seat and the ability to quickly and easily adjust to your surroundings.

Help for ALL

We teach horsemanship from the foundation to the advancing levels allowing us to teach, influence, inspire and mentor riders and horses from a variety of backgrounds and goals. True horsemanship is universal.


Our goal for each rider is learn the skills necessary to unlock the potential in their horse. Our personalized instruction with limited rider space is the ideal environment for us to provide our focused attention that helps each rider cultivate a deeper level of communication with their horse. After a short time, a rider will discover that most horse training problems can be resolved with clear concise methods implemented to streamline the effectiveness of their aids through feel, timing, rhythm and balance.

Come ride with us! With our techniques there is no end in sight! We will take you as far as you are willing to go....