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As Accredited Riding Coaches and Open Show All Breeds Multi-Carded Horse Show Judges we have mastered the skills to prepare a horse and rider team for competition in the show ring. But it's not just about showing around here!

We are well-versed in a variety of disciplines and have the ability to adapt to the specific needs for horses and their riders. Having experience in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from dressage and jumping, to cutting and sorting.

With a passion for achieving proficiency in all that do, we have taken the time to prove ourselves as horsemen. We firmly believe in the ethical treatment of our equine partners and with our insight and vast experiences, we can help you learn how to transform your horse into a willing partner. Continue to read our success stories here or jump right over to our programs.

Success "It is not the position where you are standing, but which direction you are going." -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Our success

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Hi Nancy and Angie,

I wanted to thank you guys again having a clinic last weekend, it really helped me.
I learned a lot about my horse and how to
become one with him, It was very beneficial
for the both of us. I learned many different skills
that will help me become a better rider,
along with my horsemanship skills. I will continue
working on the skills you have taught me, Blair and
I will soon be a team.               

Thanks Again,
Karissa Huggins
May 2014
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"Beyond my expectations!"

November 2011

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Hi Angie,

What a wonderful weekend we had!
Send our thanks to Nancy. I summed up the experience as no less than awesome. I cannot remember a horse weekend as informative and inspirational as this one. And I still am in aw of the accomplishments. All the clinicians gave insightful instruction and meaningful feedback. I cannot thank you enough. I never would have dreamed Gracie would transform so quickly and willingly. But then again that is what I was hoping for, and low and behold, the outcome far exceeded expectations.”

October 2011

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Hi Angie,
For me and Louie, I feel everything has been spot on for the Advancing Horsemanship Workshop.  Unlike some clinics where I come away with confusion, nothing gained and almost being convinced I need to get a different horse, with you and Nancy, Louie and I come away from each "session" feeling positive and connected. 
I feel our confidence and trust in each other is growing.  As always there isn't enough time with you guys.  I could do five days easy, to go over what we do know, to be pushed past a comfort zone and reinforce it. 
You both have that gift to know when to push and when to back off and I hope it's rubbing off on me. 
Judy and Louie
January 2015

A HUGE thank you to Angie Hughes and Nancy Williams for a fantastic Connect Horsemanship Clinic. I cannot recommend them highly enough...professional, patient, and positive! They graciously answered questions after question from the auditors: What a great experience! Looking forward to riding with these ladies SOON!

Cindy Turner
January 2016

These two ladies are amazing!!!! I saw everyone improve by the end of the 2 day clinic.

Gail Finger Photographer
January 2016

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I love you two girls! I told Angie my "wildest dream" and she didn't even bat an eye just giggled and got busy showing me how to achieve my dreams. Then enters Nancy. Same results. These two girls are knowledgeable, accomplished horsewomen who are great instructors & motivators

Frances & Mustang Sally
January 2016